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Milestone School & College

by saif71

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This ideal college was established in the year 2001 and named Milestone College. It’s located in Gareeb-e-Newaz Avenue, Sector 11 of Uttara Model Town, Uttara, Dhaka 1230.


This institute has already made a good name for its professional, caring, and supportive atmosphere. they take personal care of each student and remain responsible for his/her development in every field of learning (Moral teaching, discipline, physical development, psychological &emotional feelings, academic performance, etc). At every step of your knowledge, They theoretically promised that they would give the necessary direction, information, and extra advice if required. They have students from different qualifications, caste, and faith all over Bangladesh (1500 students residing in the hostel). They have 7 campuses at Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh. Each campus is sovereign having all modern facilities &departments. To find out more institutions like this in the Dhaka district please Click here.

Address & Contact

Main Campus

30 & 44 Gareeb-E-Newaz Avenue, Sector-11, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230

Permanent Campus

Diabari, Turag, Uttara, Dhaka-1230

For Any Queries & Admission

02-48963437 , 02-58957733, 01771581650, 01913843159,01815059401, 01716632900, 01715531932, 01927549859, 01819061058, 01732216657, 01712279768



Facebook Page:

Hostel Office

House # 07, Road # 10/A, Sector # 11, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230 & Diabari, Turag, Uttara, Dhaka-1230. Tel: 02-48953430, 01715662807, 01712279768, 01745157959, 01715531932

Transport Office

Diabari, Turag, Uttara, Dhaka-1230. Tel: 01862728470, 01715168268


Main Building (Administration)- Office of Principal, Founder & Adviser of Milestone College - VP (Admin & Academics) and Director Admin - Classes of class XII of Science Group (Boys)
Academic BuildingBuilding 27 - Allotted for class XI and XII (girls) of Science Group Building 22 (Commerce Faculty) - Allotted for class XI & XII (girls) of Science & Business Studies Group Building 30 - Allotted for male students of class XI & XII of Business Studies Group and XI Science Group
Permanent Campus (Diabari)- English Version: Classes IX, X, XI & XII - Bangla Version: Classes IX, X and XI & XII (Science & Humanities)
Canteen- Canteen available in each academic building - Offers healthy and quality foods with lots of variety
Car Parking- Spacious car parking lot in the permanent campus - Enormous area in front of each building for parking
Auditorium- Huge auditorium fully furnished with modern amenities - Cultural programs, debate competitions, seminars, and discussion programs are held here - Weekly assemblies held in space facilities in each building's ground floor
Guardians' Waiting Room- Good sitting arrangements for guardians in each academic building
BNCC- Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) - Provides training and opportunities to join defense organizations
Playground- Biggest playground with wide open space - Annual sports competitions, Freshers' Reception, and Cultural Programs held here
CCTV Camera Surveillance- CCTV camera monitoring in all academic buildings - Ensures security and increases efficiency
Hostel Facilities- Full care of hostel students' grooming, physical training, religious & moral education - Special coaching for academically weak students - Separate girls' hostel supervised by Lady Hostel Super and Assistant Hostel Supers
College Transport- Transport facilities for day-shift students - Routes: Uttara to Gazipur via Tongi, and Uttara to Mohakhali, Banani, Khilkhet, and Gulshan
Internet Facility- Wi-Fi connection available for internet access - Computer Lab Assistant monitors and assists internet use in the computer laboratory - Internet use permitted for learning purposes only


  1. Selected as the best educational institution and best student at the thana level during National Education Week-2022.
  2. Ayesha Jahan Samia secured first place in Dhaka University’s ‘G Unit’ admission test.
  3. Champions and 1st runner-up in the English Olympiad of Bangladesh-2022.
  4. Winners in various sports categories at the Uttara Thana Level Sports competition.
  5. Champion in the Technology Based Business Idea and ICT Quiz Competition.
  6. Second place in the Business Quiz Contest (Reshape 22.0).
  7. Secured the third position in the Inter-College Promila Cricket Championship-2022.
  8. Multiple awards in the 50th Winter Sports Competition.
  9. First place in the painting competition organized by Bangladesh Shishu Academy.
  10. First place in an online drawing competition on Sheikh Russell Day-2021.
  11. First prize in the drawing competition celebrating Mujib year and Independence Golden Jubilee.
  12. First and second places in drawing competitions on National Mourning Day and Bangabandhu’s anniversary.
  13. First place in a drawing competition on Mujib centenary celebrations.
  14. First place in a drawing competition organized by the Philatelists Association of Bangladesh.


Department: English

1. Prof. Muhammed Shahjahan Husain-Chairman &Head
2. Rumana Islam- Asst. Prof.
3. Kohinoor Afroze- Asst. Prof.
4. Rozina Sultana- Asst. Prof.
5. Md. Masudar Rahman- Asst. Prof.
6. Md. Abdullah Al-Ripon- Asst. Prof.
7. Rozina Afroze- Asst. Prof.
8. Ejaj Masud- Asst. Prof.
9. Zakia Sultana- Asst. Prof.
10. Khandakar Shamima- Asst. Prof.
11. Nasim Iqbal- Senior Lecturer
12. Dewan Mohamad Emdad Hossain- Sr. Lecturer
13. Shammi Akhter- Senior Lecturer
14. Farzana Sharmin- Senior Lecturer
15. Md. Mojahidul Islam- Senior Lecturer
16. Bidyut Kumar Paul- Senior Lecturer
17. Mohammad Kamruzzaman- Senior Lecturer
18. Zainul Abedin- Senior Lecturer
19. Farhana Tasmin
20. Md. Asadujjaman Siddique
21. Md Masud Hossain Dipu
22. Khandker Mostan Zidul Haque
23. Subhamoy Ghosh
24. Tareq Ahmed
25. Mohammad Shariful Alam
26. Md. Ziaur Rahman
27. Sarkar Shafiul Amin
28. Mohammad Alamgir Hossain
29. Md. Rifat Siddique
30. Moniruzzaman Mollah
31. Roksana Islam
32. Afroza Ferdous
33. Mohammad Mahbubul Alam
34. Smrity Ghosh
35. H Happy Chanda
36. Farhana Islam
37. Safayet Hossain
38. Md Sala Uddin
39. S.M. Sabbir Khan – ST
40. Shamaly Mustafa– ST
41. S.N. Hossain Sohrawardy– ST

Department: Bangla

42. Asma Khatun- Associate Prof. &Head
43. Ziaunnahar – Asst. Prof
44. Kanchan Zaman – Asst. Prof
45. Tanzia Rahman- Asst. Prof
46. Ranjan Kumar Adhikary- Asst. Prof
47. Md. Shofiul Azam- Asst. Prof
48. Nargis Sultana- Asst. Prof
49. Sohana Sharmin- Asst. Prof
50. Chameli Nargis- Asst. Prof
51. Shormistha Saha- Senior Lecturer
52. Jannatul Ferdous Suity- Senior Lecturer
53. Marium Nasrin- Senior Lecturer
54. Arun Kumar Majumder- Senior Lecturer
55. Md. Rezaul Karim- Senior Lecturer
56. Md. Mahmudon Nabi- Senior Lecturer
57. Md. Ziaur Rahman- Senior Lecturer
58. Mohammad Anisur Rahaman Sarker- Senior Lecturer
59. Md. Samsuzzaman
60. Jannatul Ferdous Rima
61. Tanay Biswas
62. Md. Imam Hasan
63. Md. Golam Moula
64. Lutfun Naher
65. Mansura Sadika
66. Shayla Sultana
67. Aysha Akter Chandni
68. Md. Delwar Hossain
69. Khosne Rawson
70. Sanjida Sharmin
71. Bu Bibi Khadija
72. Md Ariful Islam
73. Md Soyod Hasan
74. Ruhana Israt Sultana
75. Delwar Hossain
76. Farjana Kader -ST
77. Farjana Sultana -ST
78. Fahmina Nasrin- ST

Department: Mathematics

79. Mizanur Rahman Khan- Associate Prof. &Head
80. Azizul Haque- Asst. Prof.
81. Rashed Khan Manon- Asst. Prof.
82. Shamim Munshi- Asst. Prof.
83. Khairul Islam- Senior Lecturer
84. Md. Shams-Ul-Haque – Senior Lecturer
85. Swapan Kumar Sutradhar-Senior Lecturer
86. Md. Tofazzal Hossain-Senior Lecturer
87. Md. Kamrul Islam-Senior Lecturer
88. Rabindra Nath Baroi-Senior Lecturer
89. Topy Biswas-Senior Lecturer
90. Nargis Sultana
91. Md. Asaduzzaman
92. Md. Zakir Hossain
93. Joyontha Roy
94. Md. Aminul Haque
95. Ali Hossain Sarker
96. Md. Mufazzal Hossain
97. Ekramul Haque
98. M.A Naser Wahid
99. Rokeya Akter
100. Mohammad Ali Hasan
101. Md Asgar Khan
102. Md. Osman Ghoni
103. Md. Saiful Islam
104. Nitai Goswami – ST

Department: Physics (25)

105. Md. Shafayet Uddin- Asst. Prof. &Acting Head
106. Md Main Uddin Khan- Asst. Prof
107. Md. Saidur Rahman- Senior Lecturer
108. Bijon Golder- Senior Lecturer
109. Md. Mijanur Rahman- Senior Lecturer
110. Shankar Das- Senior Lecturer
111. Jahangir Alam
112. Miah Md Salah Uddin
113. Md. Bablur Rahman
114. Md. Riad Hossain
115. Rasel Ahmed
116. Mizanur Rahman
117. Md. Sobahan
118. Md. Nazrul Alam
119. Md. Shohidul Haque
120. Monojit Kumar Roy
121. Mohammad Harun Al Rashid
122. Md Mamunur Rashid
123. Shahadat Hosen Khan
124. Md. Rafiqul Islam
125. Md. Abdullah Joarder
126. Sanjoy Majumder- ST
127. Nilufur Yesmen- Demonstrator
128. Akter Faruk- Demonstrator
129. Md Sujan Mia- Demonstrator

Department: Chemistry (24)

130. Mahmudur Rahman- Asst. Prof &Head
131. Saiful Islam Bhuiyan- Asst. Prof
132. Md. Rafiqul Islam- Asst. Prof
133. Ferdousi Sarwar- Asst. Prof
134. Raihana Akter- Asst. Prof
135. Abul Fatha Md. Yousuf- Senior Lecturer
136. Khondokar Sazia Afrin
137. Md. Abdul Mannan
138. Mousumi Das Gupta
139. Md. Abdul Barik
140. Subrato Kumar Sarker
141. A.B.M. Shamsul Alam
142. Nuruzzaman Mridha
143. Ripon Chandra Sarker
144. Sheikh Tareq Rahman
145. Rezaul Karim
146. Md. Faruqul Hasan
147. Rita Rani Guha
148. Aysha Siddiqua Molly
149. Badsha Alomgir- ST
150. Shammi Akther- ST
151. Most. Jibon Nissa – ST Cum Demonstrator
152. Mosaroof Hossain- Demonstrator
153. Sujon Adhikary- Demonstrator

Department: Biology (26)

154. Prof. Md. Zahirul Haq (Botany)-Chairman&Head
155. Rabeya Sultana (Zoology)-Asst. Prof
156. Fawzia Ferdus (Botany)- Senior Lecturer
157. Nadia Sharmin (Botany)- S. Lecturer
158. A.K.M Mahabubul Hasan (Zoology)-Senior Lecturer
159. Neyamul Jannat (Botany)
160. Md. Faizur Rahman(Botany)
161. Murshida Mahbuba (Botany)
162. Samaresh Mondal (Botany)
163. Sharmin Nahar (Zoology)
164. Farzana Akter (Botany)
165. Muhammad Saif Uddin (Botany)
166. Mosammat Hosne Ara (Botany)
167. Mosammat Rebeka Sultana (Zoology)
168. Nahid Afroze (Zoology)
169. Md. Omar Faruque (Zoology)
170. Shamima Ferdous (Zoology)
171. Zannat Zahan (Zoology)
172. Most. Rokshanara Pervin (Zoology)
173. Israt Mannan (Zoology)
174. Sharmin Wadud (Botany)
175. M.A. Samad (Botany)
176. Md. Omar Faruk Chayan (Zoology)
177. Mahbuba Sultana Ankhi (Botany)
178. Md. Saifullah Masum-ST cum Demonstrator
179. Md. Nafiul Islam – Demonstrator

Department: Accounting (14)

180. Md. Abdul Hannan- Associate Prof. &Head
181. Anil Kumar Bairagi- Asst. Prof
182. Sree Kumar Tito- Asst. Prof
183. Anwarul Islam – Asst. Prof
184. Khandker Rafiqul Islam- Asst. Prof
185. Md. Sabuj Miah- Senior Lecturer
186. Shahjahan- Senior Lecturer
187. Nurjahan Begum- Senior Lecturer
188. Monojit Kumar Biswas
189. Rehana Akter Runa
190. Rahima Khatun Anne
191. Paritosh Kumar Lahiri
192. Md. Shariful Islam
193. Chitta Ranjan Bar

Department: Management (13)

194. Khodeja Akter- Asst. Prof &Head
195. Md. Modassir Hossain- Senior Lecturer
196. Maniruzzaman
197. Nazmoon Zannat Moni
198. Afroza Akter
199. Anwar Hosain
200. Farida Parvin
201. Mohammad Sabuj
202. Md. Abdus Shatter
203. Tanjia Afrin
204. Afsana Zerin
205. Md. Mijanur Rahman
206. Shahinur Begum

Department: Computer Studies (13)

207. Farhana Begum Poly- Asst. Prof. &Head
208. Ruksana Faruqui- Asst. Prof.
209. Md. Rezaun Nabi- Senior Lecturer
210. Md. Saidur Rahman Munshi- Senior Lecturer
211. Joydeb Golder
212. Nahid Akhter
213. Mahbub-E-Alam
214. Khandaker Nahida Siddiqua
215. Sharmin Reza Tinni
216. Md. Rakibul Hassan
217. Sumona Sultana
218. Md. Mozaffor Ali
219. Naj Najneen Islam

Department: Agriculture Studies (12)

220. Md. Alauddin Hushine-Asst. Prof &Head
221. A.T.M. Alamgir Kabir- Senior Lecturer
222. Naznin Khadija- Senior Lecturer
223. Ishrat Jahan- Senior Lecturer
224. Kamrunnessa- Senior Lecturer
225. Masud Ahmed- Senior Lecturer
226. Md. Abdullah-Al-Jonayed Hossain- Sr. Lecturer
227. Afroza Naznin
228. Md. Al Mamun Hasan
229. Md. Shamim Shaikh
230. Mohd Abdul Al Murad Chowdhury
231. Moudud Ahmed

Department: Economics (03)

232. Shaheda Begum- Asst. Prof. &Head
233. Taslima Islam- Senior Lecturer
234. Azharul Haq

Department: Civics (03)

235. Rafeza Mehedi- S. Lecturer &Head
236. Md. Imrul Kayes
237. Md. Maruf Hasan

Department: Islamic Studies (08)

238. Md. Motiur Rahman- Asst. Prof. &Head
239. Md. Harunur Rashid- Asst. Prof.
240. Main Uddin- Senior Lecturer
241. Md. Safiullah Hashemy- Senior Lecturer
242. Fatema Johura
243. Md Abdullah Al Mamun
244. Motahar Hossain
245. Mohammad Abul Kashem

Department: Geography (04)

246. Kazi Bilkis Ara Irin- Asst. Prof. &Head
247. Muhd. Masud Tareq Bhuiyan – Asst. Prof.
248. Ariful Hasan- Senior Lecturer
249. Fouzia Sultana

Department: Home Economics (02)

250. Tabassum Shams- Asst. Prof. &Head
251. Hasina Afroz- Senior Lecturer

Department: Psychology (02)

252. Sunjeda Parvin- Senior Lecturer
253. Farhana Sharmeen

Department: Statistics (01)

254. Rogu Nath Banik- Senior Lecturer

Department: Physical Education Health and Sports (03)

255. Shipra Biswas
256. Md. Lokman Hossain- ST
257. Mohammad Nazrul Islam- ST

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